The Art Verve Association is an active community of adults across multiple adult generations and skill sets, from beginner to advanced. Our community provides support for 2D visual art creatives, inspiration, and encourages social learning, while we practice the 2D visual arts together. Beginners are most welcome!

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Create a free account at to become a member. Anyone over 18 with any 2D visual art skill set is welcome to join at no cost. Beginners are most welcome!

Art Verve Association Meetups

Meetups (In-Person)

These meetups are physically in-person at a location in Tucson, Arizona. They are free and open to the public for any adult with any skill set (beginner to advanced). Each month, at a minimum, we schedule one in-person meetup at a coffee house. Other in-person events may include outings for urban sketchers or plein air painters.

Meetups (Online)

These meetups are online via the Google Meets platform. Each month, at a minimum, we schedule one online meetup. We draw or paint from the same reference material and then share our in-progress work within a private forum online. You do not have to be a member of the private online forum to participate in the meetup.

Private Forum (Online)

The Art Verve Association provides a private online environment, free of charge, to cultivate social learning. Moderated by instructors from the Art Verve Academy, it's a great way to connect with others and develop your skills. To learn more on how to join or use it, click here.

Our meetups are sponsored by the Art Verve Academy.

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