Realism at Ren Coffeehouse

Ren Coffeehouse is a local business located in St. Philip's Plaza on the southeast side of the complex next to the Homewood Hilton Suites.

Ren Coffeehouse

On their gorgeous patio, there are many things to draw, both inside and out. There will also be a farmer's market outside with many things or activities to draw. Or you can stay inside the coffeehouse, bring an everyday object or something for a still life set-up with you, your favorite medium, a sketchbook & practice with us!

When:  Friday, November 24, 2018, · 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM MST
Where:  Ren Coffeehouse
4300 N. Campbell Ave. · Tucson, AZ

Who:  Art Verve Village Members
What:  Bring your favorite 2D visual art medium.

  • Parking is free in the lot.
  • Admission is free.
  • Meet inside the cafe at 9:00 AM to start.
  • Meet outside the cafe on the patio at 10:30 AM to review.


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