Sketching at Savaya Coffee (La Encantada)

We met at the Savaya Coffee Shop in the La Encantada shopping center. This is a nice quiet place to draw and talk about art, and it's a small local business!

Savaya Coffee Market (La Encantada)

It is located in the La Encantada shopping center on the east side of the complex, right across from the North restaurant & gallery row. We can stay inside the coffeehouse if it's chilly or raining. Bring an everyday object or something for a still life set-up with you, your favorite medium, a sketchbook & practice with us! There are a lot of things to draw, both inside and out. There will also be a fine art festival throughout the La Encantada shopping center during this time. You are more than welcome to walk around the booths to sketch or draw.

When:  Saturday, January 19, 2019, · 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM MST
Where:  Savaya Coffee Market (Synergy Plaza)
2905 E Skyline Dr #287 · Tucson, AZ

Who:  Art Verve Village Members
What:  Bring your favorite 2D visual art medium.

  • Plenty of free parking in La Encantada Plaza.
  • Bathrooms are available for all to use.
  • Wifi is available for all to use.
  • Admission is free.
  • Meet inside the cafe at 9:00 AM to start.
  • How to find us: We'll be inside with our sketchbooks or out on the patio.
  • Note that if you choose to sketch outside, please regroup with us around 10:30 am so we can see your work. :)

You find more information on the Savaya Coffee Shop & menu here:


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